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Hi everyone! I am quite happy that you are all enjoying yourselves here. When I created this community, I expected the people who joined to be mildly involved, you guys are AWESOME, and I am SO glad you're having fun. It's great to be in a community with people who are actually interested in being involved. *hugs* <3 <3 <3

If anyone is interested in thinking of questions for Book Three, please do not hesitate to leave a note or a new post here. I'm terribly afraid that my email isn't working at the moment, so a comment or post here would be great. Thanks!

Ok, ready for number two?

An online copy of the epic can be found here, and a list of characters can be found here.

SUMMARY: Telemachus manfully calls an assembly and presents his grievances, appealing to the suitors to stop wasting his substance and to quit his house. Disregarding his appeal, the suitors taunt him. Telemachus prays to Athene and hastens his preparations for the journey, aided by the goddess and the old nurse Euryclea. At nightfall Athene causes the suitors to fall into a deep slumber, and herself sets sail with Telemachus for Pylos.

QUOTE: "Fear not, nurse," answered Telemachus, "my scheme is not without heaven's sanction; but swear that you will say nothing about all this to my mother, till I have been away some ten or twelve days, unless she hears of my having gone, and asks you; for I do not want to spoil her beauty by crying."

QUESTION: What do you think about Telemachus' decision to leave in search of Odysseus? Do you think he should have stayed home in Ithaca, knowing Penelope was heartbroken and grieving? Or would that be all the reason you think he did the right thing in leaving, to look for Odysseus and news of him to comfort his mother? What would you have done in Telemachus' place? And if you had decided to go, would you have told Penelope?

Thanks for reading again, and remember, if you have any ideas for questions for Book Three, please please please share them!
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