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The Odyssey Meme!

Hey everyone!

Well, I finally did it. I caved and made my own meme. It was quite amusing, I must say.

You very own Odyssey. by laurel_blossom
Who accompanied you?Athene
What was your mode of transportation?On a raft made of bendy straws
What happened with Circe?She turned you into a wombat.
Did Calypso take you prisoner?No, you were more interested in one of the crabs you found on her island and talked to him instead of her. She hated that.
What did the Phaeacians think of you?They thought you did a very accurate impression of Poseidon, who was not so amused and sunk the boat you were supposed to go home on.
How did you deal with the suitors?You threw pebbles down the back of their tunics…muahahahahaha.
What did your family say when you returned?“You owe me twenty bucks for feeding your llama while you were gone, you know.”
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Hehehe. This was actually a lot of fun. Took me a good hour, but it was fun. Feel free to take and post your answers in a comment or where ever. Hope you enjoyed. ^_^
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