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Discussion question number six

Sorry for the lack of questions, I've been terribly busy with end-of-the-year-school stuff lately.

The Odyssey online is here. :-)

SUMMARY: Nausicaa, daughter of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, drives with her maidens to the washing pools by the seashore, near where Odysseus lies sleeping. Awakened, Odysseus appeals to Nausicaa for aid, who, undaunted by his savage appearance, generously gives him food and clothing and invites him to her father's house. She and her maidens precede him into the town.

QUESTION: How would you react if you were Nausicaa and saw Odysseus sleeping on the shores of your island? Would you be creeped out at first? Amused? Suspicious? Do you think Nausicaa did the right thing in investigating Odysseus right away? Or should she maybe have told someone first?

Have fun!

Also, I've fixed the banner I made for the layout so that it repeats vertically on the left side. It was bugging me that it wasn't doing that. :-P

Everyone have a nice week. :-)
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