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hello everybody

this is a really interesting community - it's like a link between the astoundingly modern (i.e. the internet) and the astoundingly old (i.e. the odyssey). whoa. cool.

i wonder if Homer, whoever he/they was/were ever envisioned anything like this. fascinating.

anyway, hope it's ok if i join in :)

i take classics AS which is fantastic because i get the read the Odyssey with a load of other semi-interested people. at the moment i'm looking at stuff the Odyssey has inspired in modern, (or even not so modern..) art forms. Lord of The Rings is the obvious, but what does everyone else think?

Odyssey A, Z.

Good evening all.

On my livejournal may be found translations of book A and most of book Z of the Odyssey (the rest of Z will be there in short order). These translations are on the literal side, but you might find them helpful. Z was typed a bit carelessly, it will be reviewed during the next week, but do not hesitate to point out any typos, omissions or mistranslations (if you are so qualified).


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Number five and two specials on TV

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And lastly, I'd just like to mention that on Wednesday, May 12th, at 8:00 PM on the Discovery channel, there's going to be a two hour special on the Trojan Horse. Also, on A&E the same night, from 10 PM to 11 PM, there's going to be another special on the movie "Troy". Thought I'd give everyone a head's up. :-)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. :-)
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Hey everyone, my name is Kiesha. I am 16 and from PA. I absolutely LOVE the movie "The Odyssey!" i SO want to see "Troy"!!! Blahhhhh. Anyways, feel free to add me, and I will add you back! :) I like meeting new peoples!