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Discussion question number four and new icon

I have made an Odysseus/Penelope icon for this community!

Click here to see it!

Please don't mind me. This is my first ever animated icon and I'm extremely proud of it. *glee*

As always, an online copy of the "Odyssey" can be found here.

SUMMARY: At Sparta Telemachus is joyfully received by Menelaus and Helen, who recount stories of Odysseus. Menelaus describes their own many adventures on the return home from Troy. He reveals that the god Proteus has told him that Odysseus is a prisoner on Calypso's isle. Back in Ithaca, the suitors, learning of Telemachus' journey, plan to murder him. Penelope hears of it and is terrified. Athene sends vision to Penelope to assure her that her son will come back safely.

QUESTION: Do you think Menelaus did the right thing, knowing where Odysseus was, but doing nothing about it? Should he have gone to rescue Odysseus? Or was it wise of him to steer clear of Calypso's island, as he could have made things worse? If you had been with Menelaus, what would you have advised him to do?

Hope you enjoyed! If you'd like to volunteer to summarize book four, please don't hesitate to email me at Thanks!
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I think that Menelaus should have gone to rescue Odysseus. I mean, what are friends for right? At least that is what I would have done.
Oh my goodness I forgot to say how brilliant the icon looks!! Great jod :))))
*great job*.
I really should check what I have written before I press the "Post Comment" button :P
P.S. They icon is so beautiful <333
I definitely agree. I mean, if someone's in trouble and you know where they are, help them for goodness sakes!

And thank you! I'm glad you like it! And I make spelling errors all the time and end up edting and deleting a million times.
Like right now! I just spelled editing wrong! *teaches self to use preview button*
Agreed about Menelaus being a silly duffer and about not being able to spell on LJ…
I think Menelaus did a good thing steer clear from Calypso's island. Calypso wanted Odysseus all for herself and no other man should interfere. If Menelaus would save Odysseus, it's a tough job doing it alone, and I don't think he culd have found the men to aid him on this rescue mission. But maybe Odysseus wife would make a difference if he had brought her along if Menelaus was planning to rescue Odysseus.