Fans of Homer's Odyssey unite!

Twenty-four books in one volume of literary perfection.

Fans of Homer's Odyssey
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"This is the best story ever written, and it has been a favorite for three thousand years."
-- W.H.D. Rouse

Hello! This community is dedicated to fans of Homer's "Odyssey", along with the movie "The Odyssey", telling about the magical adventures of Odysseus. Feel free to join! A few quick rules...

1. Fanfiction and art is welcome, just please put any behind a cut tag. If you don't know how to cut-tag, you can learn here. :-)

2. Please be nice and respect the other members and their opinions. You may disagree with them, but please do it politely and with grace.

3. Have fun!

Also, discussion questions are posted about once a week and anyone and everyone is invited to join in. It's a lot of fun.

Now one of these Greeks, he had a plan
The king of Ithaca was the man
He went by the name Odysseus
Don't dis, don't dis Odysseus!

--From "The Odyssey Rap", read the rest here

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